• July 3, 2022

3 Golden Rules to Follow in Plumbing Emergencies

Water related plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes, slab leaks and running toilets waste gallons of water. Leaking water ruins floors, ceilings, walls and can also initiate hazardous mold growth. Preventive maintenance can help reduce emergency plumbing scenarios but unfortunately cannot stave them off completely. When a water plumbing emergency strikes out in your home, follow the 3 golden rules to damage control the stressful situation until your emergency plumber arrives to the rescue.

Turn Off Water Flow
Although water shooting out of pipes or plumbing fixture can be a stressful experience, remember that even if you cannot repair the faulty source you can at least turn off water supply – and that in itself, can go a long way at lowering your stress levels once you see that water no longer leaks out. By closing water plumber near me supply to the leaking fixture, pipe or entire home you save on gallons of water that will otherwise continue to spill on your floor and damage your property significantly.

Locate Main Shutoff
Every home has a main shutoff valve that can be turned off to stop water supply to the home. A water related emergency plumbing situation will be the right time to turnoff your main shutoff valve located outside your home in the meter box.

Locate Specific Shutoff
Aside from the main shutoff, each plumbing fixture has an individual shutoff valve to enable you to turn off water flow to the leaking source without having to shut water supply to the rest of the home. Look under bathroom and kitchen sinks to find their individual shutoff valves. When having a running toilet close the shutoff valve located on the pipe at the back of the fixture for proper water conservation.

Only after closing water flow can you make time to call your local emergency plumbing company for quick and effective repair.


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