• September 24, 2022

An Insight Into High Heel Shoes

High heel shoes refer to a pair of fashionable women`s footwear which raises the wearer`s feet significantly higher than their toes. High heeled footwear creates an aesthetically taller, slender and more toned figures. They are available in a diverse range of styles and shapes like stilettos, pumps, blocks, tapered, wedge and blade.

According to fashion icons, a heel which is above 8.5 cm is considered high while below that height is termed as low or medium heel. Normally, high heels are exclusively worn by women but cowboy boots and Cuban heels are also sported by men. Initially raised heels developed as the response to riders` feet slipping forward from the stirrup while riding but in the subsequent decades it has become more stylized.

France led in the creation of high heeled shoes for men and women which later spread to pockets of nobility in other countries. The term `well heeled` became synonymous with opulence. Following the French Revolution there was a decline in this trend but it resurfaced in fashion in late 1800s.

While lower heels were preferred during the late 70s, high heels returned in fashion in late 80s and early 90s. In the meantime the shape of fashionable heel had changed from block (70s) to tapered (90s) and stilettos (80s and post 2000). In recent times high heels heights vary from kitten heel of 4 cm to stilettos or spike heel of 10 cm or more. Extremely high heeled footwear worn for aesthetic reasons are higher than 13 cm but are not considered practical for every day wear.

Court shoes are traditional types and often used as formal footwear while for evening wear such styles have become more adventurous. Wedge heel is another type of high heel where the heel extends till the toes. Wearing high heel footwear by women is primarily guided by its aesthetics appeal. It is believed that high heels alter the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, thereby, enhancing the shape of the calves.

They also add height to the wearer and make the legs appear longer and well shaped. In contrast, the size of foot gives the illusion of being smaller while the arches appear more defined. Even the lower leg muscle look better toned that accounts for the wearer creating an over all impression of flexibility and strength.

Some women have experienced the side effects of wearing shoes with high heels. Still, the voluntarily step into a pair of designer shoes as they can not resist the temptation of wearing a beautiful pair of high heel shoes. But legs are important part of our body and they need equal attention and care as they bear the weight of the whole body. Hence, women should be careful while wearing high heel shoes just for the sake of looking fashionable.

Also, podiatrists believe that 75% of women using high heels often suffer from All media On Page acitivity severe foot problems such as intense pain, foot deformities, unsteady gait, shortening strides and may also result in degenerative knee joint changes. Often high heel shoes causes Achilles tendon, blisters, corn and may even contract lower back muscles. If it is not possible to avoid high heels, doctors suggest that those wearing such footwear should save these heels for special occasions while wearing well cushioned shoes for the rest of the day.

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