• August 17, 2022

Auto Charging – Three Minutes?

Before electric vehicles are on the way, the long charging time has always been a great trouble for a lot of people, but now this is not a problem contributing to a new technology developed by an American corporation. People now can see traces left by them. By the end of 2009, electric vehicles of many companies have come into the market. At present, it is not the debate on the environment problems that obsesses people, but the extremely long time for charging. Traditional vehicles need only a few minutes to be oiled and for hundreds of miles, while the charging time for an electric vehicle is usually for hours.

In the past, auto charging was thought to be done during the night when electricity price is not very high. This imagination is based on the thought that the vehicle can be charged quietly in the garage after the establishment of the smart grid. But this is not the only way that people use such kind of vehicles. Whether the vehicles can be charged quickly determines their future way. Why there are service stations placed by the roads but not some charging stations?

Now, a charger made by a Japanese company has a much shorter charging time than the previous one. Besides, the cost to build a charging station is much less. This charger can made a vehicle charged 50% of its whole electricity which can keep the vehicle running for 100 kilometers, and 80% of electricity is accessible if the charging time is up to 5 minutes. Therefore, the time for charging will be shortened from the traditional charging time and differences between the two kinds of vehicles will be narrowed. This will also, pave the way for the promotion on a large scale and it is practical as well.

With the fast development of the electrical vehicle, the fast-charging batteries will hit on the market as soon as possible. The competition of the charging facilities will be fierce as the same as telephone and the Internet, and they will probably establish a new situation of the electrical industry. Related chip for electric vehicle is:

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