• September 25, 2022

Buy YouTube Views

As the product name says, we deliver YouTube views. However, we would like to give some clarification to this: the views that will be delivered are High Retention YouTube views. A few years ago, several people developed a system for generating views. This method is nowadays very unsafe and can even result in a ban on YouTube. This is why we do NOT offer the possibility to buy normal YouTube views. We only deliver High Retention YouTube views. These are views that watch your video for longer periods of time, making it look legitimate to YouTube. Instead of each view watching for 1 to 10 seconds, it varies greatly in terms of time. This mimics a natural pattern which is almost imperceptible to YouTube. Therefore, buy YouTube views at Followersnet.com. The quality of our services is our number one priority. After all, you don’t want to buy YouTube views and end up getting yourself banned!

Buy Youtube views

With us you can buy Youtube views to easily and quickly get your video watched many times. It also gives you a lot of viewing time which is a good boost for your video and your channel.

Age limit must be off

The age restriction must be off for the video otherwise we cannot provide viewers. The video must therefore be suitable for everyone. Please check this just to be sure when in doubt.

How do I get more youtube views?

For every video, you can quickly and easily order viewers for your video so that the number of views goes up nicely. Videos with more views are placed higher in the lists so they get even more attention. More attention means even more views, likes, and so on. more youtube viewsIt is therefore smart to buy Youtube views for your video!

From 1000 views currently.
Viewer Origin: International
100% real YouTube Views
Fast delivery within. Small quantities within 24 hours normally.
100% delivery guarantee
Always the best quality
Long viewing time
Suitable for Google Adsense

Besides viewers you can also buy other Youtube products from us!

Buy views through promotion

By using Youtube promotion, buying views is no longer necessary. We know that 1 hour of effective promotion of your account equals 1000 views. This is not only effective for now, but also for the future. With the right marketing for YouTube views, more and more people will leave a thumbs up or a comment. Don’t forget the increase in subscribers!

Real Views Real Viewers

Please note: we only sell effective promotion that generates real likes and views. These are generated by setting up targeted advertisements that apply to your YouTube account.

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