• September 25, 2022

Cruise Ship Rome Tours

When your cruise ship arrives in Civitavecchia if you plan to visit Rome, you will soon learn that the trip is one hour away and you may not have much time to visit all the sights you desire before your ship departs.

If you want to ensure that you can visit all the highlights of Rome, the best way is to plan your tour of Rome, with a guided tour guide that can provide you with a personal tour of the attractions. One thing to remember, in Italy a driver is a driver and a guide is a guide! By Italian law, a taxi driver cannot perform the duties of a tour guide. If they tell you they are also a guide, ask for a license. All tour guides must pass rigorous tests in order to receive their professional licenses to provide tours for visitors. This way all guests to Italy will know they are in professional hands with the most knowledgeable as well as honest individuals.

At Rome Tour, a professional driver holding a sign bearing your name will greet you in Civitavecchia. The driver will drive the entire hour to a central location in Rome to meet your personal official tour guide. The driver and tour guide will be with you during your entire day and provide you with your own personal tour of the highlights of Rome. At Rome Tour, they want you to feel the passion of Rome while visiting all the sights you wish to explore, so can choose your own itinerary within the time you have to experience Rome.

Talking with a professional guide at Best 2 days Rome itinerary Tour, they will be able to create a personal and private tour that will allow you to embrace Rome while squeezing in as many sights as possible. Remember, with a personal tour, you and your family will be the only ones on the tour. This means you will not have to stand in the long lines, will avoid all the tourist traps, and have a friend by your side watching out for your safety at all times.

The highlights that most cruise ship passengers with to see include the Vatican Museums, which is one to the largest art collection in the world. The Sistine Chapel with the Last Judgment painted by Michelangelo and the Basilica of Saint Peter are also included. This tour could be accomplished in the morning and then after lunch you could visit Capitoline Hill, the Colosseum, and a stop at the Trevi Fountain.

Remember, you can plan your itinerary. Just explain to your personal tour guide before you arrive, what sights you wish to explore. With your thoughts and ideas, the professional tour guide will create a special VIP tour just for you or your family.

Of course, your personal driver will take you back in plenty of time to board your cruise ship to embark on the rest of your journey.

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