• September 25, 2022

Hex Dumbbells – The Perfect Piece of Equipment

The Hex Dumbbell – Quite Possibly the best piece of exercise equipment that money can buy.

Exercise equipment has a reputation for collecting dust and acting as a make shift clothes hanger. Flimsy treadmills and last years greatest metabolic burner that you got for only 4 low payments and then forgot to take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee are certainly the epitome of buyers remorse. Good intentions gone bad and good money wasted. Spending money on hex dumbbells fitness in this manner leaves a bad taste in ones mouth, and don’t even get me started on the supplement industry. Yeah, that ripped monster in the muscle mag gained 25 lbs in 4 weeks and reduced his body fat by 15% by just using that tub of the latest genetically engineered powder. Ever hear of steroids?

Spend your money where it counts. Buy stuff that lasts. I have found the common hex dumbbells to last pretty well. They cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 cents a pound, which is significant when you start buying heavier weights and consider that you need to get two of them. We are still talking less than $40 for a set of 60s and that is brand new. Now consider that if you buy these in your early 20s you can conceive to get a good 60 years worth of use out of them, then your great grandkids can get some good use out of them when you croak. Some things just don’t go out of style and don’t need improvement. Sure they make a cooler sleeker looking olympic weight set every year but it still weighs the same and there is no school like the old school for getting strong.

I heard it said that if you want to get strong you lift heavy stuff. Dumbbells are heavy stuff. And, I would also like to make the point that hex dumbbells are far superior to any rig that you have to screw together or put a clamp on. They may take up a little more space and cost a bit more but for shear ease you can’t beat them.

A couple words about the exercises that that you can do with dumbbell. Everything. You can work every muscle in your body with dumbbells, you can get huge, you can do circuits and intervals, you can do aerobics. You can work out your legs. Anything that a machine can do a dumbbell can do better, with a few exceptions.

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