• September 28, 2022

The Struggle to Keep Flowers Fresh

We always try our best to make sure that our bunch of flowers our boyfriend or husband gives us remains fresh and full of life for as long as it can. We try everything, and just when we think we have actually gotten somewhere figuring out the best possible idea to actually keep out flowers fresh, they wither and die. This is not fair, because these flowers cost money. Well, if you know your boyfriend he probably spent hours in the florist just trying to find the perfect bunch for you, and why – if they just die a day or two later?

Then we hear from neighbors and friends or read in magazines that certain things can help to keep the flowers fresher for longer. Well, let’s take a look at a few products and ingredients that are used to keep our precious bunch of flowers garden cup fresh. Let’s look at the old fashioned adding an aspirin to the water. Well, it may look like it is working, but on the third day you will notice sad and drooping leaves. On the sixth day you will have lost half the petals. Adding mouth wash to the water, you will notice that on the fourth day most of the stems will point skywards. The flowers will start to bloom and on the seventh day your flowers will become a wild bunch, pointing in every direction, slowly drooping.

Adding a coin to the water might get your hopes up for a while. Copper is a natural antibacterial item. On day four flowers will open and droop a little and on day seven stems are pointing in every direction, but blooming is going according to clockwork. Your flowers will bloom beautifully, but they will wither quickly. If you have attempted adding bleach to the water or are thinking about it, don’t do it. Bleach prevents mold and flowers need mold. They will die.

If you have considered adding nothing to the water and just using plain fresh water, know that on day four stems will still stand upright. The heads will remain healthy, but after this you can throw the bunch away, because on the fifth day blooms will drop even though there is still a little life left in the bunch. Adding sugar to the water will have things looking really good by day four. You will probably notice one limp stem. On day seven flowers will burst open and you will also notice that a few petals have curled up. However, you will get uneven blooming and stems will splay.

Flower food: the pack of powder that comes with a bunch of flowers. By day seven you will notice a droop, but this drooping is dramatic and makes it seem as though the flowers are dying naturally and not because the flower food cannot do anything for it anymore.

There you have it. Want your flowers to stay fresh for longer? Some methods work better than others, but there is only one method that will do the job properly.

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