• September 28, 2022

Weight Loss During Menopause IS Possible!

Menopause: an unloved but unavoidable time period in every woman’s life, during which hormones act up and many unwanted symptoms show up. One of the hardest to deal with is weight gain.

There are a number of different issues that can contribute to weight gain during the pre- and post-menopause time frames. It is important to understand this, as it is easier to combat several smaller issues than to fight one big issue. As you deal with each issue, you will eventually destroy the overall problem: menopausal weight gain. Let’s look at some of these issues:

An inactive lifestyle – Our culture contributes to this daily. Most of us spend the day sitting down at our jobs, and when we are at home we have many time-saving devices which, unfortunately, also save us from having to move around and get exercise. This lifestyle, combined with menopause, causes weight gain to accelerate. This can be combated by making some small changes in your habits. Walk or bike to work or in the evening. Join a fitness club or class. Get a pass to the local pool. Even going up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator helps to get your heart rate up and burn off calories.

A slowing metabolism – Unfortunately, with age comes a slower metabolism. While it is easy to write this off as a hopeless issue, since we all age, it is one that can still be fought by adding exercise into daily routines.

Inherited weight problems – If people you are related to struggle with their Weight loss during menopause, take this as a warning sign: you are probably prone to weight problems as well. Just knowing this can help you to prevent weight gain, as you can be on the lookout for any signs of obesity and be ready to make changes in your lifestyle or eating habits to counter it.

Thyroid troubles – As you approach menopause, please take the time to visit your doctor and have your thyroid tested. Often, people are not aware that their thyroid is not working properly, and just attribute their weight gain to menopause. Medication is available to help get the thyroid working properly again.

Don’t be overwhelmed by these changes, and don’t be afraid of what menopause will bring. Be informed and be ready to combat unwanted symptoms. If you do, you will be making yourself healthy and your life more enjoyable.

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